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What is the Hardest part about investing in Real Estate? Finding the Property.

It does not matter if you are looking to purchase a primary residence, rental or investment property, a house to flip or you are looking to start your own wholesaling business, finding the RIGHT property is the hardest and most crucial part.

When do you MAKE money in Real Estate? You make it when you Purchase the property, NOT when you sell it. All serious investors know this and you should to.

Find the RIGHT property at the RIGHT price and you WILL be successful. Buy the wrong property at the wrong price and things will be much more difficult.

What if we could help you find that property?

Would you like a service that searches over 6.5 MILLION properties EVERY DAY!

A Real Estate Investor’s search engine on steroids

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Would you like to have the choice of having new properties sent directly to your email or doing a manual search anytime you want based on the filters you set?

How does it work?

  • Find Real Estate Investing Opportunities. Searches for deals on multiple listing sites (you can even import your own properties for analysis).
  • Can be customized for your business. You can customize your settings to have properties analyzed the way you want. LASER target the BEST deals in your market or any other market.
  • Monitor classified ads in real time. You can look for highly targeted deals with the click of a button. You decide what filters to use.
  • Instant Alerts. Straight to your email when a match is found or you can do a manual search anytime.
  • Runs on Auto-Pilot. Run searches, analyze properties or check sites as often as you like.

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What are the key features in addition to the ones above?

  • Proformas created instantly. All property facts including estimates, photos, listing details all displayed Financial Analysison an easy to follow single page customized for each property.
  • Detailed property listing monitoring. Monitor and track listings over time. Know when values change or information is updated.
  • 100% web based interface. Access anywhere.
  • Video tutorials to help you use all the features. More updates on YouTube.
  • New features added.
  • Friendly customer and technical support.

You just tell it what, where and how to search and you are off.

It even does a financial analysis for you!

Here is a short list of potential search items (there are more):

  • Location
  • Bed, baths, size, etc…Image result for houses that need work
  • Price Range
  • Choose a basic or advance analysis.
  • Amount home is under priced based on market data
  • Negotiable deals
  • Cash deals
  • Wholesale deals
  • Under priced deals
  • For sale by owner deals
  • In over head
  • Tax problems
  • Divorced
  • Probate

You can even search for properties that indicated they need repairs such as:

  • Fix & Flip
  • Major workImage result for houses that need work
  • Minor work
  • Unfinished properties
  • Fire damage
  • Foundation problems
  • Mold issuesImage result for houses that need work
  • Roof problems
  • Termites
  • …and more.

All this and a money back Guarantee. You can cancel at ANY TIME.Guarantee

Look at reviews from current users.

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Just click this link to get started.

If this is too EASY for you, we have good news. Read our blog: How to Find Houses Cheap like the Professionals. There are other ways, but we think you will come back here for the best and easiest starting point. Truth is, you need to use as many methods as possible to find that perfect property.


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Please comment below or let us know if you have any questions.

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